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My Recent Reading List (December 2020)

The World Between Worlds, THE MANDALORIAN, and Rebooting STAR WARS Without Nuking Sequel Trilogy

The Politics of BATTLE FOR THE WASTELANDS, Or Putting "Punk" In Steampunk

TOP GUN 2: THE SUPERGUN, Or "SDI-Punk" Continues...

Thoughts On Ken Prescott's Proposed "SDI-Punk"

Guest Post: "SDI-Punk" Literature and Film

Guest Post: Introducing SDI-PUNK, Or The Once And Future 1980s

Blast From The Past Movie Review: VAN HELSING (2004)

A Mongol-Japanese-Russian Alaska? Independent From the US To This Day?

Movie Review: LOVE AND MONSTERS (2020)

My Convention Setup For Convention Applications

The Cover and Book Copy For THE WALKING WORM

Abraham Van Helsing...Marriage Counselor? Or What Happened After BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA

Dracula and the Gypsies: A New Story Idea?

Patton In Korea? Two Versions of a Communist Confederacy? 1196 Byzantine Revival?

Finding My Books at Libraries...

Princess Elisabeta The Ibbur, Or a Judeo-Calvinist Interpretation of BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA

Blast From The Past Movie Review: Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)


Missed Opportunities For The Women In FROM DUSK TIL DAWN

Blast from the Past Movie Review: GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (1990)

Crossing Over THE CARE BEARS...With RIFTS

What If the Cataline Conspiracy Had Succeeded?

ENOLA HOLMES: The Possibilities of an Indian Inspector Lestrade

Ministry of Land and Resources Offers Free Farms For Retired Guardsmen

A Television Series Inspired By Dean Koontz's Novel WATCHERS

Blast From The Past Movie Review: 13th Warrior (1999)

Ideas for a Soft Reboot/Sequel for HELLRAISER...

Book Review: THE LADY HEIRESS (2020)

Book Review: THE LION AND THE UNICORN (2020)

Facebook Ads *Avoiding* Kindle Unlimited

How I Would Have Done "2012" (SPOILERS)

My First #Booktube Videos

More Successful Sassanid Persia? Rome Restored From Gaul? Check out "The Darling Of The World"

Muppet HELLRAISER? Muppet IT? Muppet MISERY? Muppetizing Famous Horror Films

Guest Post: The Last Egyptian, A Black Comedy Set In Late Roman Egypt

FALLEN EMPIRE What Might Have Been #2: Independent Stories

FALLEN EMPIRE What Might Have Been #1: Choi and Watson

Book Review: "Fantastic Schools Vol. 1"

Myopia Movies: Ranking the ALIENS Film (Except for The AVPs)

A Hungarian Byzantine Dynasty? Venetian Revival? Italy (Mostly) United in 1848?


How I Would Have Done Ramsey Campbell's THE HUNGRY MOON

After-Action Report: ConFinement 2020

ConFinement Impromptu Convention Set for 6/12-14 in Dalton, GA

"Son of Grendel" Is Here! And It's Supporting a Food Bank!

Some Indiana Jones Humor For You Today...

Jim Henson Buys Disney? So Crazy It COULD'VE HAPPENED

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THE ATLANTA INCURSION Cover Art Phase #1 and Phase #2

Fan Novelizations of STAR CONTROL II Online

After-Action Report: Facebook Advertising for BATTLE FOR THE WASTELANDS

Adventures in Amazon Advertising: BATTLE FOR THE WASTELANDS

Selling My Own Books, In-Person or Online

Putting Novellas In Packages...

Next Events: Augusta Toy and Comic Show, Ringgold Next Chapter Con, and Atlanta SFF Expo

Myopia, Patreon, and "How I Would Have Done It"

After-Action Report: Two Cons, Two Weeks

My Five AnachroCon 2020 Panels