The sequel to BATTLE FOR THE WASTELANDS is now available to purchase as Kindle e-book or in print.
Probably one of the joyously craziest films I've seen in the last few years
SERPENT SWORD will hopefully be available for purchase this coming week and FREE content for you.

February 2023

It's an older map, but it checks. :)
A newspaper article from the world of THE THING IN THE WOODS
Or what happens when you go to DragonCon...
Or how the early reign of Queen Sorsha probably really sucked...

January 2023

In which my previous scenario is fleshed-out and gets a point of divergence from canon.
Or how a last-minute defeat of Palpatine doesn't necessarily end the menace of the Dark Side
Two different sketches entitled "Intruder in the Hall," or artwork inspired by BEOWULF
Thoughts on the political and military schemes of the Demon Queen
A sketch of one of the titular monsters from my second self-published short story, an outright horror-comedy.