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The Proper Way to Deal With Invasive Lionfish: Eat Them!

An Indian Muslim Woman Stands Up to Extremism

An Interesting Draka Fan-Fic (SPOILERS)

Movie Review: "Legend of the Guardians" (SPOILERS)

Iron Sky: A Movie Funded By Subscription

Movie Review: "Ultramarines" (SPOILERS)

Biblical Elements in the Film "Tangled" (SPOILERS)

Some Thoughts on a Crossover Between "Space: Above and Beyond" and "Battlestar Galactica"

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Ending? (SPOILERS)

A Chat With a Fossil Salesman

News Article Round-Up, Including a Possible Ban on Bake Sales

Doctor Who Meets the Draka, With a Helping of Lovecraft

A Philosophical Objection to "Karmic Deaths"

China May Be Inclined to Ditch North Korea, According to Wikileaks

"The Revenge of the Fallen Reboot" Lives Again!

Movie Review: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One" (2010) (Spoilers)

Book Review: "I Am Not a Serial Killer"

How China Can Take Down North Korea--And Benefit In The Long Run

American "Top Gear" Filmed In My Town

A Bit of TSA Humor, Some of It Vulgar

A Correction to My Skyline Review

TSA Hassles Those With Prosthetics

Movie Review: "Skyline" (SPOILERS)

New Film Trailer: "Battle: Los Angeles"

Obama, South Korea, and Free Trade

News Article Round-Up: Electric Cars and Elizabeth Smart

A Space Wolf Addendum

Bagel Leads to Government Child-Snatching

Piggy Banks--Made From Real Piglets!

Three Books I'm Reading

The Novel Has Been Split: An Update on My Writing Projects

"Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm" Concept Art (spoilers)

Two New Blogging Friends...

John Monds and the Lesser of Two Evils

Former University of Idaho Running-Back Held Naked and Chained By Feds

Second "Ultramarines" Trailer

A Wikipedia Favor to Ask...

Attack of the Mexican Lake Pirates

A Controversial Manhattan House of Worship...In 1785

Twilight...Crossed Over with the Draka!!!

Stephen King's Dark Tower: Movie AND TV Series

My Last DragonCon Post, Featuring Mike Lee, Food, and Other Stuff

No Pretteh Zerg Babiez! (Starcraft 2 Spoilers)

Thoughts on "Law and Order: SVU" (spoilers for 9/22 episodes)

"Tomorrow, When The War Began" Trailer

John Monds and Why He Could Be Good for the GOP

Anyone Having Problems With My Blog?

Lead Me Not Into Temptation... (Starcraft 2 Spoilers)

Got To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due...

A Late Productivity Update

U.S. Cartoonist In Hiding Over "Draw Mohammed Day"

Some Interesting Fan-Fics (Starcraft 2 Spoilers)

Burning the Koran: Bad Idea

John Ringo and Deidre Knight on Writing

"Bed Intruder" Becomes Internet Phenomenon

An Interesting Piece of Starcraft Fan-Art (Spoilers for "SC2")

Environmental Law...Or Gun Control?

The Draka/Stargate Story is Back

Jim Raynor: Christ Figure? Spoilers...

Nathan Deal: Vulnerable on Ethics

Taking a Stand Against "Libel Tourism"

"Starcraft" Crackfic Idea (Starcraft 2 Spoilers)

The Second News Article Round-Up

In Defense of the "Ground Zero Mosque"

Productivity Update (with some "Starcraft 2" Spoilers)

Starcraft 2: What's Next? Spoilers Contained Therein...

"Conan the Barbarian" Movie Review (and Suggestions)

"Escape from the Wastelands" Concept Album

Google Invests in Wind Power

Another News Article Roundup: South Korea and eBooks

Book Review: "Boneshaker" (SPOILERS)

A Green Way for Local Governments to Make More Money

A Couple of Steps to Improve "Predators"

Movie Review: "Predators" (SPOILERS)

Book Review: "Bite Me: A Love Story" (SPOILERS)

Some Thoughts on "Escape from the Wastelands"

Obama Does Good: Free Trade

Movie Review: "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (SPOILERS)

BP, Homeland Security, and Local Cops Detain Journalist

An Early July Fourth Message...

Google, eBooks, and Independent Booksellers

The No-Fly List is Unconstitutional and Un-American

Tibetans, Chinese, and Evolution

A Brief Retraction Re: My Birth-Control Article

Food and Drug Administration Being Stupid

Revisions and Feminism

In Defense of General McChrystal...

The Case for Making Birth Control Pills Over-the-Counter

Just Ordered Two Books

"Ultramarines" Teaser Released

A Possible Home for "Coil Gun" and "Picking Up Plans in Palma"

Revising "Escape from the Wastelands," Self-Publishing, and a Character's Blog

Help Support Charitable Work in Rwanda

The Return of the Pulps, Online?

The Brookings Institute Report on Passenger Rail

A Draka/Stargate Follow-Up

Productivity Update and Thoughts on Screenwriting

"The New Daughter" Trailer

"Jonah Hex" Trailer

Introducing...The Dragon

In Support of Abortion Alternatives...

Rand Paul Victorious in Kentucky

The Federal Bill That Can Make You Disappear

$1 Trillion Spent on War on Drugs, To Little Overall Benefit

Dumping on Mexico

Intertextuality and "Escape from the Wastelands"

Another "Predator" Film--"Predators."

Something Funny, Especially for My Female Readers

New Diet Very Helpful to Autistic Fellow

DragonCon 2009 S.M. Stirling Interview

My Forays Into Podcasting and Web-Comics

TSPLOST Awaits Governor's Signature

An Unusual Addition to My Blog-Roll

Props to the Man From Singapore

Productivity Update, With a Technological Twist

Comedy Central Wimps Out

Gym Cyclists Help Power Hotel

Some Selections from "The Armed Man"

Book Review: "Eisenhorn" (SPOILERS)

A Constructive Suggestion...

More Farm Subsidies Foolishness

A Crowning Moment of Heartwarming

Another Book I've Read, Which Could Make a Good Film

Book Review: "The Forever War" (SPOILERS)

Some Background Material, For Your Enjoyment

Source of Creativity in Others...

My Thoughts on The Recent Health-Care Legislation

Productivity Update

A Comic Book Commentary

Two Green-Technology News Articles

Another Productivity Update

Raising Money for Blood Cancer Research

On State Transit Funding and Gay Marriage...

"Thundercats" Script Is Down

Thundercats Movie Script Leaked

A Warhammer 40K Movie?

Just Added a Blog-Roll

An Interesting Story (Well, Part of One)

My Farm Subsidies Editorial

RIP, Charlie Wilson

My First Real Post

Just Starting Out...